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 RPM Regional Vice Presidents and Regional Directors

Franco LofrancoCav. Franco Lofranco
Senior Vice President
President's Club Member

"If only I had found out about ACN earlier!

I have been a business owner for the past 15 years. I got tired of being owned by my businesses. But I thought that this was the only way....I was taught that there is no other way.

When I saw the ACN Opportunity, I was amazed that something like this existed. That I could own a global telecom franchise opportunity without employees, payroll, paying rent, having inventory and taxes (well ok I still have to pay taxes!) and that you don't need to know anything coming into the business.

ACN has given me the opportunity to get the most out of my life, to spend time with my family and be surrounded by positive people who are up to something big in life. I wake up excited each morning!

The best part, however, is that we are involved with a company with extraordinary integrity and a real desire to see others succeed. In fact that is the main reason for the ACN success story. It is an honor to be part of the ACN family."

Al AsensioAl Asensio
Regional Vice President
President's Club Member

Prior to hearing about ACN, my brothers and I owned a $40 million snack food company that we built up for 15 years. Burned out by the effort that it took, we decided to take our company public.

Although things looked good, I recognized the importance of having a Plan B regardless of how things may appear on the outside.  Having little education, all I knew was that I had to work for myself. I guess that made me a forced entrepreneur. Having been an entrepreneur all my life, I didn’t believe anything came with a real guarantee. All I looked for were possibilities that can be turned into profits.

When I looked at ACN, the possibilities were endless.  I soon fell in love with the process of helping others achieve their goals in order for me to achieve mine.  To be involved in a business where I am able to attract like-minded people and work as a team toward our goals was a perfect fit for a misfit like me. All we had to do was plug into a system and create an atmosphere where anyone willing to put in the time and effort could win. The Telecom industry is the largest and still fastest growing industry in the world, and with the vision and integrity of the ACN Co-Founders, I knew I had a chance to be part of something great!

There was no way I could have known what the stock market had in store for me.  When the company I had taken public crashed on the market and 9-11 followed, I lost everything I had built during those 15 years. That would have normally devastated my family and I, but thankfully my ACN business was thriving and I was able to push through one of life’s toughest lesson: “Everyone needs a Plan B”

As a Regional Vice President, I am able to earn far more than I was ever able to pay myself in my previous business with the long-term value of residual income. But today, I am in a position to help others like never before. The greatest joy for me in this business is to be a part of helping others achieve the highest levels within the company and find their personal freedom. ACN has given me the personal development I craved, with an attitude of gratitude to share with others.

Agnes BartusekFares Assaf
Regional Director

I spent 27 years of my life climbing up the corporate ladder and following the traditional route of day-to-day hard work and persistence. I was raised to believe that hard work will get you to where you need to be. I have directed companies like The Aldo Group, IKEA Home Furnishing, was a V.P at YM Inc. (a large retail fashion company) and I always thought I was set financially and had my career established, until the unthinkable happened. <
On December 28, 2008 I received a call from the CEO of the company I was working for at the time and had a meeting with him when he told me that due to restructuring, my services were no longer needed. I remember going home that night feeling like my life was coming to an end. All my dreams, my beliefs, my accomplishments, my hard work seemed futile. I remember hugging my  kids thinking that their livelihood and future were in jeopardy. At that moment, I made a commitment to myself that I would never again put my family’s livelihood in some one else’s hands. I was going to have to be successful, but the question was how?
On January 13, 2009, a good friend of mine  called me and asked me if I would be interested to meet with a colleague of hers to discuss a possible business opportunity. After a meeting at Second Cup I was introduced to ACN and within 5 minutes I understood the concept and was sold. It made a lot of sense to me. I had spent my entire life helping people reach their ultimate potentials in the retail industry and now I was being given an opportunity to do this again, but this time the difference being that I could benefit from the rewards and not my employer.
I see ACN as an amazing vehicle that allows me to use my skills and my network that I have acquired for all these years. I love inspiring people to reach their goals, and when ACN told me I could make residual income while freeing up my time to enjoy my family and life, it just made a world of sense to me.
I joined ACN on January 16th and my success has come by using a 4 step approach:

  • I believed in the system from day one, never doubting that this will work for me;
  • I followed the ACN system and did not try to reinvent the wheel ;
  • I have acquired all the training and help through my mentors and have attended all the trainings that they provide. I have never missed a Regional or International event; and most importantly,
  • I never quit!

I am able to do what I love to do. I have never been in a world where I do not have to answer to anybody and where I have the time to enjoy my family. Reaching Regional Director in less than 28 months tells me that I will reach my ultimate dream, it is only a matter of time.
My goal is to reach 4-star RVP within my first 3  years in the business and to help as many people reach their objectives in this business ( 20 TCs within the first 5 years in the business )  
But most importantly, I am reminded every day when I look at my kids that I will never allow another stranger to dictate their livelihood. Their future is in my hands and that makes me confident. I just wish I had known about ACN sooner!!

Agnes BartusekAgnes Bartusek
Regional Director
President's Club Member

"I worked in Real Estate for 25 years, earning a very lucrative income. When the market slowed down over the last couple years my income dwindled, leaving me desperate and broke. I was looking for something that would parallel the income I was making prior to the Real Estate meltdown — but I wanted a business that was "recession-proof".

I accepted an invitation to see an ACN presentation from my son Domo Kovacevic, which is now something I'm grateful for every single day. After getting started with ACN, I was able to achieve my former real eatate income in  less than 16 months - and it came with the bonus of giving me even time more with my family and friends!

The secret to ACN success is: You must remain coachable, selfless, have a strong desire, great work ethic and remain humble.

The BoysThe Bergman Men The Bergman Bros
Jason & Adam Bergman
Regional Directors

The Bergman Bros, Jason and Adam, were dragged, kicking and screaming, to see “some business presentation” by an associate of theirs.  “Not another one of these,” they thought to themselves. They had no idea what they were about to see would be forever life altering.

Jason spent 15 years prior to ACN in his own businesses or working as an executive in the Auto Industry.  He had been very successful and well paid but admittedly had no time for anything other than work.  “I always believed that having more money meant investing more time at work” Jason says. “More work, more money, less work, less money!” He regretfully missed out on much of his daughters’ childhoods because of that philosophy…and barely saw his wife.  “Not anymore,” he says. “Today, I can pick up my kids from school, take them for ice cream, or even a movie, anytime I want.  My wife and I are like newlyweds again.  I have my life back because now I have time and money together…thanks to ACN.”

Adam spent his days after college in business with his brother, Jason, and in business for himself.  Adam started a business consulting firm specializing in the areas of start ups, development, venture capital and inventions/patents with an emphasis in evaluating businesses.  He and his partners owned one of the largest Independent Auto Glass Companies in the Southwest until he divested himself of that enterprise shortly before discovering ACN.  He convinced his brother to get out of the car business and they partnered up in the Financial Services Industry where their associate shared ACN with them. "We thought we had seen it all and knew it all," says Adam. "As entrepreneurs for most of our adult lives, we'd seen so many MLMs and business plans come across our desks, it was laughable!”  But their willingness to explore new opportunities and their opened mindedness paid off...big time!

"This has been the best business decision we've made in 20 years," they boast.

Today, they are enjoying their success in ACN because of three things…

First, the ACN system. “We had tremendous egos coming into this,” Jason admits. “But we quickly checked our egos at the door and plugged into a simple, proven, duplicatable system that works. “I'm such a believer in duplication,” says Adam with a smile, “that my wife and I are having twins!”

Second, the ACN leadership.  “We wouldn't be where we are without the tremendous mentoring of leaders like Domo Kovacevic, Bud and Gina Boop, Weston and Gina Weber and especially Franco LoFranco. “We challenged a lot of what Franco said in the very beginning, but time after time he proved us wrong...in a good way,” Jason recounts. Today, when Franco speaks...the Bergman Bros listen. “This is a journey of growth, both in our business lives and our personal lives,” Jason adds.  “Your success is predicated on helping others become successful and that is how Adam and I begin each day.  How can we help someone else be successful?”  Adam adds, “When you put others first, good things happen.”

And last, but not least, the Bergman Bros have a tremendous work ethic.  Hard work, dedication, strong desire and commitment are what drive these two. “This is a very undisciplined business,” Jason explains. “There is no clock to punch, no Monday morning meetings, no deadlines to beat, no boss to answer to. It all comes from within.  How badly do you want it?”  Adam adds, “We have a very strong ‘WHY’. Our father died nearly 20 years ago and didn't leave Mom with much in the way of financial security. While our mother is a very successful, dedicated psychologist and the most generous woman we've ever known, she would have had to work for the rest of her life…until now.”  It is the Bergman Bros desire to retire their mother that is their driving force.

"We keep reminding ourselves that its not about Telecom(although that's the fuel that drives ACN) or the money(which is incredible... but you can make a lot of money doing other things). Instead, its about lifestyle( having TIME and MONEY together) that attracts, not only us,  but the people with whom we share ACN."

“Thank you, ACN for giving us the opportunity to achieve every goal and realize every dream we've ever had,” they say with huge smiles.  “ACN is a gift and we are compelled to share it with everyone we meet.  Why not?  The worst they can say is 'no'... NEXT"

Bud and Gina Boop
Regional Directors

Bud and I (Gina) sell Real Estate,  I have sold for 27 years now, and Bud has sold with me for 7 years. 

Years ago he sold long distance services for payphones. It was a monthly residual income with lasted for years.  People used to wonder what he did for a living (with so much free time). I hoped he would get involved in the local and long distance or cell phone market. 

The last few years in Real Estate have been financially devastating!  Last April, Instead of panicking we prayed to God to part the Red Sea through this Real Estate Market. We had several sales go through. Our neighbor mentioned the “Video Phone”  and asked us to 5 or 6 meetings.  We thought we would go just to “get it over with”.  When we heard it was residual income on local, long distance and cell phones - we both looked at each other and thanked God our prayers were answered!

We simply plugged into the ACN system. Bud has stayed consistent (cracked the whip) so he brought us to TC in 7 Months. We have an amazing team!

Mark Carter
Regional Director

I had been operating my own mainly commission driven businesses for the last 27 years, where the main way to boost income was to sell more, which meant work more hours. I had some good years, some great years and others that were challenging. The one thing I didn't have much of was time; time to enjoy the fruits of my labour or (to borrow a cliché), smell the roses. A good friend of mine showed me this business 4 and a half years ago and what attracted me to it instantly was the possibility of creating residual income. I didn't have it but I understood it. I was a singer in a rock and roll band for 10 years and saw how powerfully royalties created wealth. You recorded a song once and you got paid royalties on it whenever and wherever it got played. Sign me up! Now I get paid on people's telecom bills, TV bills, energy and other essential bills in 23 countries. If it's on, I get paid! Now I have time and money together. I love the freedom this gives me and love helping others achieve the same!

"Don't reduce your expenses, expand your means!" - Donald Trump


RD Lara CoombsLara Coombs
Regional Director
President's Club Member

Lara has been in politics most of her working career. She was a candidate in the 1997 Canadian Federal Election and was a Senior Advisor to the Premier of Ontario. She has held numerous positions working alongside Provincial and Federal politicians as well as with one of the largest industries in Ontario.

Lara believes her good fortune had to do with luck and timing. SVP Franco Lofranco asked her if she wanted to make some money and they met the next day! Within five minutes, Lara knew that getting paid on essential services all over the world made logical sense. Lara knew she had to be a part of a company where she could build an international organization inside of ACN that provided residual income, an opportunity to make a difference, travel and have fun. Building an asset that you pays you residually and that you can sell, will, transfer or give away just made sense. She attended Saturday training and signed up that day! Even thought she had little time to devote to building her ACN business at the beginning, she knew she had to start.

With no prior network marketing experience, Lara knew that if she plugged into the ACN system that that would make all the difference. Lara attributes her success to the incredible mentorship and leadership of SVP Franco Lofranco, to attending ACN International Conventions, personal growth and her incredible team of dynamic, motivated, hard working individuals. They plug into the ACN system and are committed to pursuing their dreams of personal and financial freedom.

Her business partners have become good friends! Lara is grateful to the ACN Co-Founders for providing the best business opportunity on earth to make those friendships, to develop personally and professionally and for people to create time and money together.

ACN just keeps getting better and better and the best is yet to come. Get started today, feel good, be grateful, create value, give back and go after whatever dreams you have! You deserve it!

Peter Sallaway, Teresa Moir and Craig Moir
Regional Vice PresidentRVP Wendy Cloutiers

Craig has taken control of his future...

"Prior to ACN, I was spinning my wheels working a traditional 9-5 job. I quickly realized this was taking me nowhere! Like many people, I was told to go to college, get a good education and find a good job. But working for someone else simply didn't appeal to me. Why would I go work for a company when the person who owns the company was always going to make the most money? So I set off exploring other opportunities while working my day job. When I found ACN, I saw average people becoming hugely successful, which appealed to me. I didn't come from a formal university education nor did I have any prior experience. But that didn't matter. I was told that the one who works the hardest will earn the most, so it was a level playing field. ACN has allowed me to catch up and surpass my wildest dreams."

Teresa has positioned herself and many others for financial freedom...

"My background is in the high tech field having had an outstanding career in Geographic Information Systems. The money was great but the hours were long and job security was not guaranteed. Wanting more control over my destiny, I began consulting - working my own hours, many of them were late in the evenings after my children were in bed. Again, the money was great but I found myself working contract to contract. When a friend introduced me to ACN it just made sense. Marketing telecommunication services that everyone uses and pays for every month with the ability to build a long-term stable income, provided me with the ingredients for success. Today, ACN is my full time 'job' that affords me the opportunity to not only develop my financial freedom, but to also assist others to do the same. ACN is really a dream come true!"

Peter has set up a legacy for his family...

"As a business executive in the information technology field, I have the opportunity to earn an excellent lifestyle. Like all successes, it came with a price of long hours and the responsibility of constantly having to generate sufficient business to provide for staff and their families. A few years back, I began to examine ways to maintain my standard of living when I was no longer actively working in the IT sector. When my business partner introduced me to ACN, I was very skeptical at first. However, a close look at the marketing and compensation plans convinced me that the ACN business model could be both profitable and sustainable. ACN's philosophy of seamlessly providing essential services across a global market is a winner."

We are proud and honoured to be the first Regional Vice Presidents in Western Canada!

Trevor D'SilvaTrevor and Christine D'Silva
Regional Vice President
President's Club Member

We were blessed with the ACN Opportunity in August 2008. The Proven Business Model and Success System enabled us to achieve the Prestigious Regional Vice President Position in April 2012

Our previous careers in the Hospitality & Education industry were professionally fulfilling but we envisioned that The Network Marketing industry would be able to fulfill our hopes for a Greater Lifestyle.

Today, We believe that ACN is Our Vehicle for Time and Financial Freedom besides leaving a Legacy for our future generations.

We are committed to Share Our Knowledge, Vision & Success Path with as many people to Achieve Their Goals & Dreams.

Trevor & Christine D'Silva

Ana GonsalvesAna Gonsalves
Regional Director

I Did Not Believe That This Could Happen to me !!! With a full-time Career in the Retail Industry I worked long hours for minimum wage while raising a family.

In August of 2008, ACN was presented to me and I knew it was a Gift from God in my life. Thanks to a dear friend Trevor D'Silva who thought kindly of us.

Along with my husband, I viewed the Business Model and Compensation Plan of ACN. I asked myself two questions: Can I Do This? What If This Works?

After getting to know that I did not have to study and pass an exam to earn an income with ACN, within the blink an eye we, as a family, decided to pursue ACN wholeheartedly.

In the initial months, I committed not to make any excuses and with a few sacrifices, I was able to replace my full time pay cheque and made a decision to fire my boss. A week later my boss joined our ACN business.

Today I am a stay at home mother of three beautiful kids and do not have someone else raise them. In about 11 months, I was also able to achieve my husband's goal. He relentlessly worked for a Global Corporation for 17 years. But today my husband and I work together building an asset for our family and not on building someone else's asset.

We believe that anyone can achieve tremendous success with ACN as long as you are willing to be Coachable, Follow the Proven System created for our success with the help of the Co-Founders and our Incredible Leadership.

Joining & being part of ACN was the best decision we've ever made in our lives!!!

Vishal Lama
Regional Vice President

When I moved to Canada from India in 2004, I was 22 years old with an engineering degree. Being a fresh college graduate, I had no practical experience, so I could not find a job in my field. Therefore at that time I took the daring decision to become an Entrepreneur. I started my career as a financial and insurance advisor. In the short span of three years, I opened my own insurance brokerage where many agents were working under my supervision. Being a business owner, I strongly believe in multiple streams of income rather than depending on just one income source. One day one of my friends introduced me to ACN opportunity. The moment I saw it, I decided this opportunity is for me and I started right away. In today's world we cannot survive without telecommunications, therefore there is no reason for you not to succeed. All that was needed on my part was belief in ACN, dedication, hard work and a positive approach, and success would follow. Recession proof industry & essential services business made me very excited. The concept of Residual Income and Time Leverage encouraged me to build the business. In a short time, I started getting great results from my efforts. I am very much excited about the future of this great business. I also found many great friends and very positive people through this business; these people also helped me to build my business. If I can succeed in ACN, so can you.

I would also like to thank all my team members for all the hard work they have put in and would like to wish them success in ACN.

ACN is a God sent opportunity to me and my family. My family and I have the opportunity now to live a dream life. This is the opportunity which enables you to build your business on International Level and help many people around you. ACN is a blessed company with blessed people. I am very proud to be part of this great company. ACN has everything that you need to become successful.

ACN is a company with:
• Great products & services
• Unique business model with balanced compensation plan
• Great trainings & support available to make you successful
• Proven track record
• Strong Leadership
• Many success stories
• Great vision of the future
• High integrity

I want to give one suggestion to you:
99 % of failures come in life when people have the habit of making excuses. Keep in mind, in life either you can make Excuses or you can make Money, but you cannot make both. Choice is always yours; you are always responsible for everything.

In addition, I would like to give special thanks to the Co-Founders of ACN.

God Bless,
Vishal Lama

Amar SinghAmar Singh
Regional Vice President
President's Club Member

"If someone had told me that I would be involved in this type of business - I would have laughed. I was willing, like so many others, to defend my ignorance about Network Marketing.

We get to take advantage of two very powerful industries - Network Marketing (created 40% of all the millionaires in the past 25 years) and the Telecom industry. Network Marketing (91% growth in the last 10 years) is the fastest-growing industry and the Telecom industry will be the biggest industry once all 80 countries (who have signed agreements with the World Trade Organization) have been deregulated.

Having been involved in different businesses, including owning Night Clubs/Restaurant, Real Estate Investing and Civil Engineering, I have finally found an opportunity that gives me more time and money together. ACN is that vehicle and it provides the most powerful opportunity on the planet for anyone and everyone! It is truly a Rags-to-Riches Story!

When I joined ACN in September 2005, this was my 'Plan B'. But in a very short time, things have changed drastically. ACN has now become my 'Plan A' and the Restaurant Business & Real Estate Investing has become my 'Plan B'.

The best part about this opportunity is that you are in business for yourself but never by yourself. The ACN family is Global and everyone is here to help you succeed. So get your questions answered, and you and only you should decide if this is a worthwhile endeavor. Don't let anyone convince you that you should do this business, and on the other side of the coin, don't let your financially-challenged friends or family convince you against it either."


Sherri Day-Spikes & Steve Walmsley
Regional Directors

Sherri and Steve both have extensive corporate backgrounds, and have been corporate refugees, building successful businesses as consultants in leadership across North America. Sherri was VP Operations at an Inc 500 financial services company and helped drive its growth to cover 30 states.  Then she became a top ten producer at the largest recruiting company in the United States. Steve was a banker in the securities business and has consulted and coached top performers for over twenty years.  In 2009 his first book won an Axiom Business Book Award.

“This is unlike anything we have ever done before. We had to unlearn a lot. We sort of muddled through for the first few months and then really plugged into the system.
We went to our first International two weeks after we started. After having so much corporate and leadership experience our expectations were totally exceeded. We were blown away by the co-founders and the vision for the business!

Local leadership has been amazing, the track to run on and the support is here for success.

We have met the most amazing people and are blessed to work with old friends and associates and new friends. You make new best friends in weeks in this business – it’s amazing.

ACN is helping us build a foundation for our special needs daughter much faster.  Our two other adult children are taking notice.  Steve really appreciates that he is able to model a way for them to make money that is built on solid wealth principles, not as a salary hostage.”

Have a beginner’s mind: don’t rest with what you already know … seek what you don’t know and apply it… that is how you will be successful at ACN !


Camilla LofrancoCamilla Lofranco
Regional Director
President's Club Member

ACN has given my family the opportunity to have choices that we would not otherwise have had. Today, we enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.  Every day I create my own schedule.  When I’m not rushing the kids to school in the morning, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee on the back patio.
As a health care professional for 11 years, helping people was a natural self expression for me. But the business entrepreneur in me always had me explore other income possibilities. With ACN I get to do all the things I love – help and train others, own my own business, and work with whom I want and when I want.
Since joining ACN, I’ve adopted Nike’s logo: “Just do it!” Life is too short to spend analyzing. See you on the beaches of the world!

Monica WilliamsMonica Williams
Regional Director
President's Club Member

I am married with two beautiful kids, Kyra and Ethan, and a Regional Vice President with ACN Canada.

I was previously an account manager for a travel mangement company and heard about the ACN opportunity from a former co-worker who simply walked up to me one day and asked me if I was open to hearing about an amazing business opportunity. Now, I never thought that I would have been interested, because like most people, all I knew was how to work from 9 to 5 for someone else

Although I had a good paying full-time job, it came with a lot of stress. What I also knew was what I was currently doing wasn't working. The more money I made the more money I spent. I knew that if I didn't do something differentthat my life would look the same year after year and the ACN opportunity just felt right. 

I believe that truly living is doing something that you enjoy doing and getting paid for it.  I didn't want this opportunity to pass me by so I made the decision to get started right away. And today, 2 1/2 years later, ACN has far exceed my wildest dreams and has blessed my family. I  have put us in a position where we no longer have to worry about money and are able to spend more quality time together.

The best part about all of this is that this same opportunity exists for each and every single one of you. You just have to go for it and make it happen and we will be right there with you every step of the way.

Whatever you do, do with integrity,
Wherever you go, go as a leader,
Whomever you serve, serve with caring,
Whenever you dream, dream big,
And don't ever, ever give up."
— M.W.

Jocelynn HansenJocelynn Hansen
Regional Vice President
President's Club Member

In May of 2007 I was introduced to ACN in front of a second hand store called Value Village. I didn’t realize that day would change my life forever. Being 21 years old at the time I had no college diploma, university degree, business background or credibility. The reason I share that with you is because you don’t need any of that to become successful with our company. 

The Co-founders of ACN have created an incredible system that has been proven over and over to create success. All you have to do is follow it and be coachable.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have SVP Franco Lofranco as a personal coach and mentor. He believed in me more then I believed in myself. The personal growth alone is worth it. I’m a different person today then I was over 5 years ago.

There have been some ups and downs during my journey to RVP but everything is a learning experience and I’ve become a stronger person from it.

I’ve also had the most amazing support from my husband Tony, my parents Michael & Sheila Hansen and my closest friends Ashley and Sarah. I have the most incredible team that has been working so hard and I can’t wait to promote them as well.

Finally I am able to say that I’ve reached the Position of Regional Vice President and at 27 I’m the youngest female in Canadian history to do it.  GO TEAM!!!


P.U.S.H – Persist Until Something Happens

Lynette D'Mello
Regional Director
President's Club Member

When I heard about ACN I was working as a legal assistant, which I had done for over 14 years.  Though I had a good income, I was never fulfilled as - at heart - I am an entrepreneur and was always searching for ways to be my own boss. 

Having immigrated from India, l came to this country for a betterlife.  I was dismayed to discover that 97% of North Americans retire broke after working a job for 40-50 years of their life.  I knew there had to be a better answer and that was when I discovered the power of residual income and ACN.

When I started ACN it was only a long distance company and I worked it very part time for 2 ½ years.  I got laid off from my job, and my Plan B very quickly became my Plan A.  Shortly thereafter I became a Team Coordinator and there was no looking back.   

There have been challenges along the way, but what has kept me focused and believing in myself is being plugged into the amazing training that ACN offers as well as being mentored by the top leaders in ACN.  Today the leadership has created a simple duplicatable system that allows anyone that plugs in to succeed.

I have the most incredible team and many of the leaders in my team have become Team Coordinators faster than I did which is a testament to our system. Today with all the services that ACN has it is so much easier to succeed and I am committed to assisting those who are fed up of being in the “Busy Being Broke” club be financially free.

Ladies, I am a fine example for each of you that success in ACN is not only for the men! Success is all about having the right ATTITUDE, believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who have the same vision and goals.

Today, I am proud to say that I am the first single Indian female Regional Director in ACN.  My focus is to build a perpetual growing business within ACN, to inspire women to step into their leadership role and become wildly successful and to develop leaders in my team to become top producing Regional Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents!

Garish Kalia
Regional Vice President

I moved to Canada in 1992. There was a recession during that time and it was difficult to find a job in my field which was accounting. I worked as a sheet metal worker for a few years and then went on to start my own business as a financial advisor. During those early years, I learned that one skill or one job was not enough to get by on. A back up plan was essential.

One day my wife mentioned that her cousin had joined a new business and wanted us to attend an information session. That was February of 2009. I got started right away and haven't looked back since. I was sold on the essential services industry of telecommunications. My belief in ACN, dedication, hard work, and positive approach allowed me to have the success that eventually followed. I reached the position of Team Coordinator in 6 short months. If I can succeed in ACN, so can you!

Together with my team, we will reach great heights of success. Thank you ACN!

Jeremy and Hailey Patry
Regional Vice Presidents

Prior to ACN Jeremy was teaching high school, coaching basketball and wishing he could do more to support his mom, with a dream of one day retiring her.
Before ACN Hailey was a personal trainer and nutritionist, running 3 traditional companies, and struggling to raise her son while working over 70 hours a week.
He didn't know he was looking until ACN found him.

She was looking desperately for a way to pay off a mountain of debt, and still have the time to raise her 10 month old son
At first impression, he was EXCITED!!!!!! He couldn't believe this kind of business model existed, and that he hadn't heard of it before.

She was skeptical and conservative and wanted to do her research. But after attending her first regional event, she was blown away and signed up immediately after!
What appealed to him the most, was that he could work the business part-time and fit this in to his busy schedule. Also as a coach himself, he loved the fact that ACN has a great coaching model.

She was attracted to the compensation plan...knowing that if she just went out to help other people, she could get paid residually, for work she did only one time! She saw a light at the end of the tunnel to become debt free.
Through ACN he has become enriched with personal growth, and found his best friend and wife.

Through ACN, she says she GREW UP...becoming addicted to personal growth and serving others. ACN gave her the most incredible life partner, a new home, a wonderful father for her son, and a residual income that covers every single monthly expense in their family! It has also allowed her to become debt-free and allowed them to provide a fun and adventurous life for their son, traveling over 12 times a year!
They both have a goal, to first retire their moms, and then use their earnings to do humanitarian projects around the world
Since joining ACN in January 2007, Hailey took a year off twice to focus on family, and in the 4.5 years that she spent building to RVP, she calculated that it took just 3500 hours to achieve this milestone. Working just 17 hours a week on average..imagine what you could do if you had more time to give ACN?!?!?!?!?

He joined forces with her as a partner, and spent the last 2 years helping them reach their RVP Destination.

Hailey and Jeremy feel extremely blessed to have found ACN and each other!

They believe they were put here and brought together, to do great things, and they thank ACN for allowing them to make that possible!
A few words from Hailey and Jeremy:

Thank you to the amazing founders and all of the amazing staff at ACN that make this dream possible.

Thank you to our phenomenal organization.our team! You are forever in our hearts, and we won't stop working until you see YOUR dreams realized as well!

Thank you to Tristan for being the most wonderful and patient son in the world, and for allowing us to go to work and earn you the fun and fine things in life. Thank you for being the cutest ACN mascot that there ever was.

To all of the nay-sayers.thank you for fueling our passion even more, to press on and prove YOU wrong and ACN right!

Words to the wise:

"Some people will be successful BECAUSE of..and some people will be successful IN SPITE OF!" The latter makes for a much more interesting story. Don't let anything stop you from achieving greatness!"

"This business has taught me, that I can endure ALL things, and that if I DON'T STOP...there is nothing in this world that can stop ME! So don't ever stop!"

"If it weren't for ACN, where would I be today??? Where would WE be today? Imagine if someone hadn't picked up that phone, every 3 months for 2 straight years!!!!!...to keep calling me until I said YES! Imagine what would have been missed, if he was too scared to call, or too scared to call again, or too lazy to follow up. He knew I needed ACN before I did. Someone out there is waiting for your phone call RIGHT NOW!!!!! Go change lives!"

To your success!
Hailey and Jeremy Patry

Brad and Bonnie Robinson
Regional Directors and President's Club Member

I was self-employed for twenty-six years in the construction field and Bonnie worked in the travel industry. At one time we had seven businesses on our plate. Time is a precious non-renewable commodity that most of us take for granted. We were hoping that some day we could pull back and enjoy what life had to offer and have a level of financial stability. As the years went by we realized that all we were doing was trading time for money and that it was taking more and more time to make less and less money.

       A friend from our church approached us and asked if we wanted to save some money and make some money on our household bills. So we got together and saw the opportunity. We knew that we would have to do something different if we were to retire one day. Another friend in the financial  investment field sat at our kitchen table and informed us as to when Bonnie could possibly retire and that I had to die to retire. We knew that if this business had been done before than we could do it too. It was then that I decided to go the distance and build a residual income business in an industry that I know nothing about. With total commitment and a proven track to run on I jumped on board and started the journey. At that time 6 hours per week was all that I could put into our new venture and with commitment, persistence and a desire to win the team started to come together.

       I reached the position of ETT and ETL quickly and that's when Bonnie came on board. Having experienced some success and knowing that we could do this I closed my construction company and went full time. We were excited to help others get on track and work toward reaching their goals. In just 11 months we reached the position of TC. We believed this opportunity would get our family free while helping more people do the same thing.  Bonnie continued working in the tour industry with our daughter in law up until December of 2011 when she joined me as a full time partner in what has proven to be the best financial decision of our lives. We have met more people with the same mindset, wanting the same results in changing the course of their families' lives. It is so exciting working alongside happy, ambitious and motivated people.
       The credibility and integrity of the cofounders of ACN is second to none. These four gentlemen have such caring hearts for people and such a drive to see everyone succeed in life. Through their inspiration and example our lives have changed and continue to change daily. The system that they have put together is the track and ACN is the train but it is up to each of us to get on the train and take the ride of your lives.
We understand that being successful takes a commitment level partnered with total persistence. You need to have a reason, a goal, a dream or whatever you want to call it that burns so hot that what ever obstacles pop up you keep on keeping on. You have to want something in your life that fuels you to get out there and help someone. My driving force is my wife and partner Bonnie and our grandkids and knowing that when they grow up they will have a life that some will only think about.

        We believe this business is a gift of unprecedented proportion and we must use it or lose it. So please let us encourage you to make your why so great, so captivating that it will make you cry. Now go and get on the train and build it. You have what it takes. Just remember to never, never, never give up because that's when you lose. Thanks to our team because its teamwork that makes the dream work and we are so proud to be associated with the other dreamers pursuing freedom. As Bonnie says, "This pin is for the team. Go for your dreams and don't let anything get in your way. You can do it"!
Thank you,
Brad and Bonnie Robinson


Jeremy and Tracy Roenick
Team Coordinators

I am a former 21 year National Hockey League Player, who saw the ACN Opportunity with my wife Tracy in September of 2009. A great friend and a man whom I respect in business, ACN Regional Vice President, Weston Weber, showed us the opportunity, and we immediately got started, and hit the position of Team Coordinator in 97 days.
We got started because of the following three reasons; we were already in the business, just on the expense side, the compensation plan is amazing, and Weston Weber is a successful businessman and to partner into a business with him made sense, because we both understand the importance of what a great team can accomplish.
The first thought that came to my head was; "Wow, this videophone will be part of the next huge technology shift in years to come!" I was very inspired that I was able to acquire such technology, but when I learned that I could make money helping other people get state of the art technology that is ultimately going to take over our generation and generations to come, I was blown away.
I have made incredible money in the professional sports world, so, No, I don't need to do ACN for personal financial reasons. However, I do ACN to help my family and friends reach their personal and financial goals and dreams. I feel I am a person who knows a great opportunity when he sees it, and this is an outstanding opportunity. The Risk is minimal and the Potential is unlimited, and the business is essentially recession proof.
ACN allows my wife and I to help support people in their quest to reach financial freedom or to add extra income into their household, and that is a driving force for both of us, especially during a time full of financial insecurity World Wide. My wife's family was the first on our list, Because of unfortunate circumstances that surrounded a multimillion dollar commercial construction company due to an untimely death of my Father-in-Law, and the recession; causing an almost certain financially secured future for Tracy's family to flatten. The Economic collapse has left my brother-in-laws, who gave their entire life and attention to Commercial and Residential Real Estate all over the United States in a state of panic. Their desperation to save not only their lives as they knew it, But also to save the legacy of their Father, who was one of the most business savvy and intelligent men I have ever met, motivated me to share the ACN opportunity with them immediately, as their secondary plan. ACN is allowing my family the future of dreaming again, and I am proud to have my Brother-in-Law, Stephen Vazza and his wife Leah, as Team Coordinator's in the ACN family.
My wife and I have Determined Hearts and a Never Quit Mentality, qualities that should always be instilled in people who want to seek greatness.
ACN has changed my life forever, because it has challenged me to be a better husband, father, friend, and business man. Tracy and I will achieve greatness in ACN and bring many people with us along the way, changing and shaping their lives in a way they never would have imagined possible. We are focused on building a great team of people with one common goal; Financial Freedom.
Thank you to the Co-Founders of ACN for allowing us to have this incredible opportunity and to all the Leaders who have paved the way for us.
~Jeremy and Tracy Roenick

Craig MoirBrian and Debbie Savage
Regional Directors

Prior to hearing about ACN, I had a successful career playing hockey in the NHL for 12 seasons and Debbie was enjoying being a mom and raising our 3 boys Ryan, Red, and Rory. We retired from the game of hockey in 2006 and have been involved in many businesses since including owning and managing a global software company and owning real estate in Canada and the United States.

We were introduced to ACN through our good friends Jeremy and Tracy Roenick. It actually took Jeremy and Tracy inviting us 6 times before we attend our first presentation at their house. We thank them everyday for their persistance. We thought it was going to be just like all the other businesses that came across our desks since we've been retired. You know, the make-ups, sports drinks, vitamins and super juices that you have to keep on selling to friends and family every month.
But ACN was different. We didn't have to change peoples spending habits. They were already using our services everyday and paying for them month after month, year after year. The ACN video phone has changed our lives forever. Now we can see our family and friends everyday and never miss a special occasion again. We finally found something that both of us could build together and could better the lives of family and friends around us.

We started our ride with ACN Dec.17th/2009 and haven't looked back. With guidance from the best leaders in ACN SVP Franco Lofranco, RVP's Gina and Weston Weber and RD's Jeremy and Tracy Roenick and many others, we have built an amazing TEAM in a short amount of time. From not knowing much about telecom and never being involved with a direct selling company before, our TEAMMATES helped us become a TC in 89 days. Now after 21 months, we continue to help our amazing team grow around the world. On Oct. 1st we were promoted to Regional Director in ACN. It's a great feeling knowing we have to help others to be promoted to high positions and help them make more money so that we can advance too. Wow, what a ride!
How did we do it?? Simple!!! Follow the ACN system and be coachable. We were ACN sponges for weeks as our leaders showed us how to present, build and duplicate the system to create an ACN company of our own. The turning point for us was attending our first ACN International event in San Jose in mid February 2010. Our leaders were right when they said "You aren't in ACN until you attend an International event!". 3 weeks after the event, we were TC's and we were planted in ACN forever.
We now share this opportunity with everyone we come in contact with. Debbie and I know we can make a difference is many people lives and give them all hope for financial freedom of their own.

They say "ACN is a personal growth company with an amazing compensation plan". We couldn't agree more.

We've played on many TEAMS over the years but our ACN TEAM is the best!
Thank you co-founders for your vision and leadership. Debbie and I look forward to growing with you and ACN!

Debbie and Brian Savage

ParveenParveen Tiwari

GOD is great. Thanks to ACN opportunity...

Working in Retail Industry, I had quite a good success but life was not fun at all, as we all got to do things in our life, whether we like it or not. I did not know anything better in my life and by working in this industry, I achieved the Management position. Working in Retail Industry, I was time broke, I did not had my weekends off because of the nature of the Business. Even working on a management position, it was not physical work, but the mental stress was quiet a lot.    

I was blessed with the ACN opportunity and I thank GOD for bringing ACN in my life. When ACN was introduced to me...I did not understand much but I guess sometime things just make sense and you decide to go for it. I was one of them. With the help of ACN System, great mentors and leadership, I was well on my way to learn the ACN System. I started working on my Financial and Time Freedom part time. Soon after I joined, I achieved the Position of ETT. It was such a great feeling as I tested the system and system worked. Two Months later, I achieved the position of ETL, doing ACN part time. After just over a year, I achieved the prestigious position of Team Coordinator, thanks to my team, my mentors our local leadership and the owners of ACN, off course.

Now, I am doing ACN Full Time, it still feels like a dream but it’s so true and anybody can do this. Right mindset, continuous learning and by following the simple system of ACN; you too can enjoy the life you deserve. I know I will never go back to linear Income world. I want to share this opportunity with as many people as possible, so that they too can change their lives for Good.

What a brilliant System. Thanks to our Co-Founders.  

Making a decision is very important in our life and so many of us are living proof that ACN works...

God Bless ACN!!!

Ravinderpal Singh UbhiRavinderpal Singh Ubhi
Regional Director

What an amazing journey ACN has been so far! The best is yet to come! I came to Canada from India as Immigrant in 1995 and I started working as machinist till 2004 . In year 2005 I started my own business by opening small grocery store in Burlington.
I got Success in business and by the time I have two beautiful kids. We open 7 days a week.
Me and my wife worked very hard almost 80-85 hours per week. We have no weekend and no vacation. I was feeling like most self employed people this is the way to live life in own business.
But one day my friend called me Wednesday evening to saw the ACN presentation. It was almost "too good to be true"—almost. For the first time in my life, I saw a way to start a business that required NO capital, NO inventory, NO employees, NO overhead; none of the headaches like traditional business and unlimited income potential globally. ACN has given me the time and money freedom . This lifestyle still looks like a dream .
I became Team Coordinator in short frame of time. Thanks to my team and great upline leadership and mentorship of Mr. Vishal Lama. My Goal is to create TC factory by helping as many people I can, What an amazing journey ACN has been so far! The best is yet to come!
Helping you by helping others, what a brilliant concept! This business has changed my life totally and gave me the chance to help people full fill their dreams which they cannot achieve in traditional corporate world. ACN is a gift and I am compelled to share it with everyone I meet. Why not? The worst ,people can say is 'no'... NEXT"
If you are not the part of ACN family yet. I strongly recommend you to have a serious look on this business. ACN is the best opportunity available on this planet . I assure ,you don't have to give up on your dreams in life , if you have the courage to see dreams then ACN is vehicle that will help you to achieve your dreams. Only Thing required from you is " Decision to start" , "Positive attitude ", "Long term Vision"," Coachability"
God Bless
Ravinderpal Singh Ubhi (Ravi)